Ondertussen, via MySpace…

…kreeg ik ‘weer zo’n bericht’. Miljoenen ben ik inmiddels misgelopen door resoluut op de wisknop te klikken als een brief als deze in de mailbox kwam:

I’m a Barrister Rayne from United Kingdom and I need to talk to someone from Netherland because this is urgent. My client died two years ago and since then no one have come to ask after him, now I got a mail from the Bank last week friday planning to confiscate fund.
I contacted you because you bear same name with my late client and I think I can work out something, presenting you as the next of kin to claim the fund under an agreement letting me know what will be my percentage or the fund will be confiscated just like that.
I will brief you more when I hear from you again or contact me directly to my email:  raynehelman@hotmail.co.uk

Was even niet zo helder om het fotootje van de man op te slaan, maar hij zag er ongeveer zo uit:

ouwe man

Barrister Rayne de Gulle Gever

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