Playlist Van De Dag: Kiwirock



Paul’s Place    2:56    Tall Dwarfs Hello Cruel World    Alternative & Punk
Point That Thing Somewhere Else    5:28    The Clean Anthology [Disc 1]    Alternative & Punk
Spins You Round    3:46    David Kilgour Here Come the Cars    Rock
Little Audrey    2:31    Stephen Radar Of Small Dogs    Rock
Coleridge    3:00    Goblin Mix the Complete Goblin Mix & the Exploding Budgies    Alternative & Punk
Chicken Bird Run    2:53    The Bats Compiletely Bats    Alternative & Punk
Death And The Maiden    4:26    The Verlaines Tuatara — A Flying Nun Compilation    Alternative & Punk
Transatlantic Love Song    3:19    The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience Jean Paul Sartre Experience    Rock
Sour Queen    3:52    Able Tasmans A Cuppa Tea And A Lie Down    Rock
Sassafras    3:17    Chug Sassafras    Rock
Cruella    3:07    Norma O’Malley Shrew’d    Rock
Outer Space    3:15    3Ds Hellzapoppin    Rock
Some Fantasy    4:36   Doublehappys Nerves    Jazz
Throwing Stones    4:31    Sneaky Feelings Tuatara — A Flying Nun Compilation    Alternative & Punk
Future Shock    4:57    The Gordons 1st Album & Future Shock ep    Rock
We Know    3:58    Bailterspace The Aim [EP]    Industrial
Kenneth Anger    4:13   The Exploding Budgies the Complete Goblin Mix & the Exploding Budgies    Alternative & Punk
Cactus Cat    3:27   Look Blue Go Purple Look Blue Go Purple – Compilation    Rock
Get The Basics    1:48   The Situations Get The Basics    Rock
Free The City    5:27   Surf City EP    Alternative & Punk


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