Simon Reynolds over Joe Carducci

Ben door het schrijven van de blog over Joe Carducci’s “Rock & the Pop Narcotic” (weer) zo enthousiast geworden over het boek dat ik er nog maar wat extra promo tegenaan gooi. Hieronder vind je de backflaptekst die Simon Reynolds, auteur van het ook al erg fijne postpunkboek “Rip It Up Or Shut Up”, schreef.

Daaronder staan nog wat aanbevelingen zoals ze op de eerste pagina’s staan. En ik gooi er ook nog wat quotes uit het boek van Carducci zelf tegenaan.

De backflaptekst van Simon Reynolds:

“Joe Carducci’s book is one of the most important, if not the most important, books ever written about rock music and rock critisism.” (Sound Choice / David Ciaffardini)

“Demanding, a-trivial and universe-defining.” (Forced Exposure / Byron Coley)

“It is the Moby Dick of rock-crit-nothing else I’ve read comes close.” (The Idler / James Parker)

“R&TPN’s perhaps the only read dedicated to an unbiased, outside the industry look at rock&roll ever laid down. It’s too real for many…” (Black To Comm / Chris Stigliano)

“Sound and fury signifying nothing. An obviously unedited manuscript by an idiot.” (Brutarian)


“Rock critics rarely discuss music.” (blz. 182)

“As we are dealing with a music and it’s artists’ relative merits, the criterion for judgment must be musical.” (Voorwoord eerste editie)

“It’s tough to be part of a band. Every band is ultimately doomed to fail” (blz. 24)

“The London media phenomenon of the Sex Pistols could not have occurred in the United States. They might have been some sort of American band, but just one of many ignored by the mass media (and rock press) at that time.” (blz.80)

“Great drummers (…) usually have small kits (…) because they make their music between the kick drum and the snare.” (blz. 17)

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