Svetkoff Lamps

Bio voor de MySp van Svetkoff Lamps.

Distortion, feedback, weird tunings, abbrassive sounds: many bands before Groningen, Holland’s SVETKOFF LAMPS have found the beauty in ‘rocking out the unusual way’. Be it modern composers like Glenn Branca or Rhys Chatham, the shortlived No New York-posse, good-old Velvet Underground, kiwi’s on labels like Xpressway and Corpus Hermeticum, crazy Japs, soundterrorists like Sunn O))) and Boris, or everyones favourite indierockers Sonic Youth and Blonde Redhead; they all love a bit of messing around with eardrums and braincells.

And with tradition. Classic band line-ups and songstructures, generally accepted ideas of how sound should sound, these folks say a big ‘F’ to that. It’s an ‘F’ for Freedom. Which is good for us. It makes things a bit –eh- less normal. Normal, as in ‘predictable’ and ‘boring’. The mind needs some new brainfood every now and then. It’ll thank you for that.

Two guitars and drums is SVETKOFF LAMPS‘ line-up. Both Wim and Jonna sing. Drummer Marinus doesn’t. At least, not that I know of. They’ve just started their musical trip. Some people though might still remember Marinus’ old band Whipster. Wim and Jonna have, for years, kept their musical ambitions a secret. Funny people.

SVETKOFF LAMPS are not the most unusual rocking out band in the world. They have songs, but they do like to mess around with the form. The tunings are pretty normal for weird-standards, but they don’t mind if it sounds a tad uncomfortable here and there. Their sound is not that abbrassive, it’s more like –if you don’t mind me putting it in a more poetic kind of way- a warm bath in a chilly bathroom. Their favourite indierockers are Sonic Youth.

SVETKOFF LAMPS have had their fair share of non-traditional rock by experiencing numerous great bands at local club Vera Groningen. Now they want to see if there’s a stage and an audience for them too. So if you don’t mind a bit of messing around with eardrums and braincells… (Paul Schwarte/Groningen/Jan.2010)


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