The I Jam Econo Independent Alternative Underground Popquiz: Answers & Winners

It’s the 4th of October, time to give you folks the answers and winners of the first I Jam Econo Independent Alternative Underground Popquiz!


1. Down under these two are no short giants: TALL DWARFS (NZ-duo Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate, ‘godfathers of lo-fi’)

2. Chubby Checker wouldn’t know how to dance to these German indietronix popmeisters: NOTWIST (Germany’s most exciting band)

3.  Quit throwing stones man! Don’t be crazy! You’re simply the best producer of sounds and beats I know man!: MADLIB (Stones Throw’s and hiphop’s masterproducer)

4. Their songs were short, but you’d be a jackass for not liking these dudes: MINUTEMEN (my favo band, made famous for their Jackass-tune)

5. Hey du Harry, get ze car, we vill drive to Detroit to find ze house zis elektronic moesizian ist living in: DERRICK MAY (Detroit techno-pioneer)

6. His career started out quite foggy, but all’s clear now for William: SMOG (Bill Callahan)

7. Damn, even these old German farts started again!: NEU! (Germany’s ‘motorikrockers’ have the engine running again)

8. A flower caught in six strings, a plug to make it sound beautiful: JACK ROSE (Jack sadly passed away, one of the great A-guitar players)

9. What is R’n’R? These Belgium boys had the answer in ’78: (the) KIDS (their “This Is R’n’R” is one of many great lost punkrock-classics)

10. Mr. A. Pierce is all mixed up from playing all those instruments: MICE PARADE (anagram for postrocker Adam Pierce, now with band, first -great!- rec’s al by himself)

11. Ooh, these riddims are making my jeans itch!: LEE SCRATCH PERRY (reggae producer, singer and allround madman)

12. Summer is over for these blokes: (the) FALL (their career isn’t)


All this gave you 12 letters to form the message


Even/especially in 2010 the most important slogan in underground-culture.

DIY means putting in long hours of hard work. The long run… A couple of readers did just that for this pretty hard quiz. Question no. 10 proved to be the hardest. I even put in a small adder under the grass with the “mr.” ‘clue’. Nobody got that one right. Maybe Mr. Pierce will be a household name in the near future… (Update: my apoligies to Ms.Hedwig, who did indeed have the correct answer!)

For all their efforts I decided to reward all five senders of the correct answer with the first “I Jam Econo Greatest Hits” CDR.


Mr. Meijer, Mr. Marcel, Mr. Miedema, Mr. Patrick and Ms. Hedwig

Bloody well done!

E-mails will go out to all of you. Thx for participating. Stay tuned for the second I Jam Econo Independent Alternative Underground Popquiz!

3 Reacties op “The I Jam Econo Independent Alternative Underground Popquiz: Answers & Winners

  1. Cool! Ben benieuwd. Nu ik de 3 antwoorden zie die ik niet had, voel ik me wel een beetje dom…

  2. Hmm, daar had ik er wel een paar meer van moeten weten.
    De volgende keer ga ik beter m’n best doen!

  3. Leuk! Ik vond het ook al zo raar dat Nurse With Wound niet zou kloppen, maar viel mee dus.

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