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Playlist Van De Dag: Pop


Give it Up    2:29    Haley Bonar Lure the Fox    Folk
Polar Thoughts    4:03    Club Diana Brand    Alternative & Punk
Sharp Briar    2:42   The American Analog Set Set Free    Alternative & Punk
Helen Reddy    3:59    Trembling Blue Stars Southern Skies Appear Brighter EP    Indie
Way Of The Sun    4:53    Archer Prewitt Wilderness    Alternative & Punk
The Great Salt Lake    4:45    Band Of Horses Everything All The Time    Alternative & Punk
Dig The Subatomic Holdout #2    2:38  Beulah Handsome Western States    Alternative & Punk
My Lucky Day    3:25    Jason Falkner Can You Still Feel?    Alternative & Punk
Two-Headed Boy    4:26   Neutral Milk Hotel In The Aeroplane Over The Sea    Alternative & Punk
Free The City    5:27 Surf City EP    Alternative & Punk
Can You Feel It?    4:11   The Apples In Stereo New Magnetic Wonder    Pop
Firing Room    2:46   East River Pipe Shining Hours In A Can    Country
Tom Courtenay    3:33   Yo La Tengo Prisoners Of Love [Disc 1]    Rock
Concrete Soil    4:07    Birdskin Carry On Ooij    Alternative & Punk
Dog On Wheels    3:12   Belle & Sebastian Push Barman To Open Old Wounds [Disc 1]    Alternative & Punk
Loro    3:40   Pinback Loro    Blues
Jumbler    2:20   Tilly and the Wall o    Alternative
Life Like    3:14    The Rosebuds Life Like    Alternative
Sparks fade out    2:44    We Swim You Jump We Swim You Jump EP
Stampstain    2:21   Holland Your Orgasm    Pop
Where The Fuck Is Kevin Shields?    4:43    P.S. I Love You Heart Of Stone    Alternative & Punk

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