Tagarchief: Six Organs

P.V.D.D.: Psychrawk


Winding It Out On The High Cou    4:26    Roy Montgomery Scenes From The South Island    Alternative
Eyebath    1:49   Pumice Pebbles    Elektronisch
Blue Mambo    3:10   Sun City Girls Torch of the Mystics    Gocher Lives!
3 Years    6:21    The Dead C Vain Erudite and Stupid: Selected Works 1987-2005 Disc 1    Klassiek
Paper (Four Parts)    12:54    Trash Mihiwaka    Rock
Discussing The Belgians    8:54    Doldrums Acupuncture    Rock
Eighth Cognition/All You’ve Left    5:23    Six Organs Of Admittance School Of The Flower    Alternative & Punk
Goat    3:15   Richard Youngs Ceaucescu    Andere
Wish    5:23    Flying Saucer Attack Flying Saucer Attack    Alternative
Bury My Heart    4:44    Luxurious Bags Quarantine Heaven    Rock
Simpleton    3:35    Cyclops Goat Volume    Rock
Nuit    3:58    High Rise High Rise – Dispersion    Unknown
Bonus Track    8:25    Rogers, Wayne Infraction    Rock

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